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Android 13 is here! New Features and Changes

Although Google has just released Android 12 and 12L, the company has already started works in its successor namely Android 13. Google released the first developer preview of Android 13 in February with several new features, tweaks and API updates to the platform. The said OS is expected to launch in Q3 2022 and we can expect around 2 Developer Preview and 4 Beta releases before the final release. Here, in this article we’ll discuss about all the new changes and features available in the latest operating system of Google.

Android 13 New Changes and Features

  1. Revamped System Photo Picker

The current Android system document picker app, also known as “Files” only provides barebones file picking experience. Fortunately, Google is extending “Files” with a new system photo picker providing users better experiences in the process. Similarly, the new photo picker also has the ability to share both locally and cloud stored photos and videos.

  1. QR scanner Shortcut

As we all know, QR codes were lifesavers during the Covid-19 pandemic for everyone. They are cheap and provide an easy way to guide users into a specific websites without the need for physical interaction with them. Now in Android 13, Google is providing a new Quick Setting tile to launch the QR code scanner from the notification panel.

  1. Clipboard auto clear

For the most part, Gboard in android did have the Clipboard auto clear feature and it cleared clipboard items which was older than one hour. However, any clipboard items left in the global clipboard is still accessible for all apps at a later time. Now, Android 13 brings a new clipboard auto clear feature that can clear clips in the global clipboard after a said amount of time period. Here, the default duration is similar to Gboard or 60 minutes.

  1. Per-App Language Preferences

With Android 13, Google is introducing a new “LocaleManager” API that can get or set users preferred languages. At the same time, Users can also navigate to Settings> System> Languages & Inputs> App Languages to set their preferred languages for each app. Similarly, the said feature can also be accessed through Settings> Apps> All Apps> {app}> Language.

  1. Easy Installation of Apps to Guest Profiles

In Android 13, Google has provided users the option to choose the apps that gets installed in their devices Guest profiles. However, there won’t be any kinds of data sharing between the owner and guest profiles meaning Guests will need to sign into those apps manually.

  1. Revamped Task bar and Redesigned Media Output Picker

The latest Android update can show up to 6 apps in the taskbar as opposed to 5 shown previously. Similarly, it can show suggested apps to the users as well. Also, the Media Output Picker UI also gets revamped in this iteration of the platform. Now, it has better and bigger volume slider for each connected devices.

  1. Disabled Haptic in Silent mode

Now on Android 13, changing sound mode to “Silent” will disable all haptics by default. Similarly, the haptic feedbacks for interactions like gestures are also disabled now. This is a significant change in sound profiles as opposed to previous android versions.

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