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iPad Air – Best Free iPad Air Apps

iPad Air is a tablet computer device from Apple that was originally launched on 22nd October, 2013. Some of its highlighting features included a new design incorporating a large screen with slimmer bezels in a thin and light body. This was a fresh change from the old designs in the iPad 2 and became an instant hit. Similarly, the device packs capable hardware’s and is a productivity beast with an estimated battery life of about 10 hours. Likewise, they also have excellent connectivity and supported dual band Wi-Fi on all models.

In this article, we have listed some of the best free iPad Air Apps for you to use on your device. They provide additional functionalities to the devices and use their hardware’s to their fullest. Some of them are listed hereafter:

Best Free Apps for the iPad Air:

  1. Sketch Book

Since the iPad Air supports the Apple pencil, there are many creators that would like to create various contents through them. And, Sketch Book is a great free application to create various pieces of Arts through our iPad Air. Some of its highlighting features include access to various professional grade tools and its elegant interface with natural drawing experiences. Similarly, Users can also customize the available tools and bushes for capturing their ideas in their truest essence. Users can download this amazing free app from the App store or through the link given below: or

  1. WWF Together

WWF Together is a great education app for the iPad Air that highlights the educative aspects of the device. Here, the app provides information’s about various endangered wildlife’s across the World and the contribution of WWF for them. Similarly, it also comes with many interactive stories about the endangered species that incorporates the unique hardware features of the iPad Air. Furthermore, the app even lets users view and download stunning high-definition pictures and videos of those endangered animals and plants. Users can download and use this free App from the App store or the given below:

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  1. Vox

Vox is currently the number one music player of all iPhones, iPad’s and Macs. Here, the app allows users to store all their Hi-Res music files in their unlimited cloud storage and plays them in their original quality without any compressions. Also, this app can play music files from our iTunes library or from our devices local storages. Similarly, users can also play music from other platforms like Spotify, Sound cloud etc. all from a single app. Hence, Vox is a must have iPad Air App for all the music lovers out there. Users can download and use the free version of this app straight from the App store or through the given link:

  1. Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith is a free widget app for the iPad Air that provides simpler widgets with a little flare for its users. Similarly, its widgets are very functional and some might not consider them as appealing as others. None the less, it’s highly customizable and provides various customizability options for the users to choose from. For the most part, it provides three different widget sizes but it also allows users to manually set a predefined time to display the widget as well. Also, there are additional settings for the users to mess around. The said app is available at the App store and is downloadable from the given link:

  1. Unsplash

Unsplash is a free wallpaper app for iPad Air that has some of the best collection of free high resolution images for the users to choose from. Similarly, users can find various categories of images with additional groupings for a simpler experience. Likewise, it also comes with a search functionality that to find the exact wallpaper that you are searching for. Finally, the users themselves can upload their own pictures as Unsplash is an open platform for everyone to share their pictures. Interested users can download and use this particular application from the app store or the link given hereafter:

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