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How To Enable eSIM on Handset Like iPhone

Enabling eSIM (embedded SIM) depends on the device you have.

Here are some general steps to enable eSIM:

  1. Check if your device supports eSIM: Not all devices support eSIM. You can check your device’s manual, manufacturer’s website, or carrier’s website to see if your device supports eSIM.

2. Get an eSIM plan: You’ll need to get an eSIM plan from your carrier. The process of getting an eSIM plan may vary depending on your carrier.

3. Scan the QR code: After you’ve purchased an eSIM plan, you’ll receive a QR code from your carrier. Open the eSIM settings on your device and scan the QR code.

4. Follow the prompts: Your device will guide you through the process of activating the eSIM. You may need to enter some information, such as your phone number, to complete the activation process.

5. Set the eSIM as your default: Once the eSIM is activated, you can set it as your default SIM for voice, data, and messaging.

Keep in mind that the process of enabling eSIM may vary depending on your device and carrier. It’s best to consult your device’s manual or your carrier’s website for specific instructions.

Steps from our video tutorial:

1. Here, I have taken or purchased a Physical SIM on my name first from the mobile service provider by using my national identity card. Please follow the steps and regulations as per your countries’ regulations. After that, we have to activate the SIM card by inserting into our Phone’s SIM-card tray.
2. Ncell Axiata Limited is the first private mobile service provider operating in Nepal.
3. SIM activation done. Please recharge some balance in it too.
4. We are good too move ahead. Now lets call customer care or lets do an email to customer care (SIM Provider) to activate an eSIM service.
5. *#06# (Check if you have an EID on your handset by dialing this sequence on your dial pad of handset.)
6. If EID is there, congratulations your handset supports an eSIM feature.
7. After a call with customer care (SIM or mobile Provider), they verified my details and emailed me the steps to activate eSIM on my handset.
8. Please kindly enable WIFI while you setup eSIM. Now, eject your physical SIM card from your handset and follow the procedure that is told.
9. eSIM activated successfully. Enjoy 🙂
10. Now that I have activated eSIM, let me insert my second SIM from another mobile service provider. After that, I will have dual SIM service on my handset.

Connect Your Phone in Opera Browser

How To Connect Your Phone in Opera Browser?

Want to sync your opera browser in between PC or laptop and smartphone? It makes life easier and you can enjoy Opera browser on both devices. Today we will guide you steps on how to connect your phone in opera browser. Stick to the end. Besides, we have created video tutorial on that too. It will make more easier and authentic.

Steps To Connect Your Phone in Opera Browser:

Follow these exact steps.

Steps 1: First there you have to install Opera Browser on both of your PC and Smartphones.
Get Opera for PC Here
Get Opera for iPhone
Get Opera for Android

Step 2: Install opera on both devices and open them.
Here we will be showing the steps on Windows PC and iPhone.

Step 3: Go to Settings in your opera browser in an iPhone. Also, go to settings of opera on your PC and search for My Flow. If it is disabled, make sure you turned on the enabled option there.
“My Flow is your personal space for links, also for videos, or images and notes. You can have those on your computer and smartphone at the same time.”

Step 4: On PC Opera Browser, click on “connect your phone“. Similarly, on phone’s Opera Browser, tap on “Connect a Computer“.

Step 5: QR code will be shown on your desktop PC. Scan that QR from your phone’s browser that will activate your camera. Wait for while and your in both devices will be successful.

Hence, this way you will be able to connect your phone in Opera Browser. If this tech blog was helpful, you may share and show some love to us. Also for latest tech tutorial videos, you may subscribe to our channel.

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Video Tutorial:

How To Remove Write Protection From SD Card

How To Remove Write Protection From SD Card

SD Cards are one of the most accessible and cheap storage devices that are supported across a wide range of devices. Similarly, they come in many storage sizes and shapes that one can choose according to their needs and use cases. Also, their write and read speeds are pretty high and some even support the PCI and NVME interferences as well. Some of the most popular use cases of SD cards include in Cameras, Mobile devices, Laptops, handhelds etc.

Say you just found the perfect SD Card for your device but later found out that you can’t write anything in it. It’s called Write Protection and it can be pretty frustrating as you can’t add or remove things from your SD-Card. Fortunately, it’s easily fixable and we’ve listed the most popular methods that you can use to solve the issue. Let’s get started.

Remove Write Protection from SD Card As Follows:

  1. Check and Toggle the Physical Switch

The first thing that you need to check when you encounter this issue is to check the physical switch found in your SD Card. And, all SD cards come with this Physical Switch that acts as a locking mechanisms for your data. Now, just remove your SD Card and search for its physical switch. Here, you need to make sure that the slider is at the Top far away from the “Lock” marking. Once you’ve confirmed that, simply insert your SD Card again and this should have fixed your Write Protection problem.

  1. Check its Properties

Some SD Cards in Windows have a special Write Protection toggle that locks it from any changes. Now, this setting is disabled from factory but you might’ve enabled it accidently. Simply go into the File Explorer and right click your SD Card to check its properties. Here, check if the toggle for Write Protection and disable it if it’s enabled. This will instantly solve your problem. Note: – only Some SD Cards have this option for Windows so don’t worry if you can’t find the option for yours.

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  1. Clear the Cards Attributes from Command Prompt

This is the final method that you can use to remove Write Protection if the above methods fail for you. To start, you’ll need a Windows PC or Laptop and signed into the Administrator Account. Next, insert your SD card into the Laptop and follow the steps shown hereafter:

  • Right click on the start menu and open the “Command Prompt” as an administrator. Also, you can search for “Command Prompt” from the Windows Search as well.
  • Once loaded, enter this command: diskpart and hit enter. Now, confirm the app dialogue that follows.
  • In diskpart, enter: list disk This will immediately show all disks connected to your PC. After that, you need to find and verify your SD Card from the available disks. Usually, it’s at the last and has the lowest storage space in the list.
  • Now, enter the command: select disk “number” in the command prompt. Here, replace the “number” according to your SD Card’s number i.e. 1,2,3,4 etc. For example: – enter command “select disk 4” if your SD Card is labelled as Disk 4.
  • Finally, enter the command: attributes disk clear read-only and wait for the process to complete. You should see the “Disk attributes cleared successfully” message once the process completes. And, you should’ve successfully removed Write Protection from your SD card.

Also, Video Tutorial to remove SD Card Write Protection Error:

Explore Old Google Analytics Data and Export Them

How To Explore Old Google Analytics Data and Export Them?

Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023. Prepare now by setting up and switching over to a Google Analytics 4 property.
We have created tutorial video on that how you can setup New Google Analytics 4. Go Check out in our another video or Evergreen Tech Tips Blogs Post. Also, we will put a video in it here in the post as well. Today, we will guide you how you can explore old Google Analytics Data and Export them.

To Explore Old Google Analytics Data and Export Them, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to link and visit and login to you proper linked Gmail account.
2nd Step: After that select your Analytics Account>Properties & Apps and All Website Data
Step 3: As shown in the video you can now go to Sections Audience, Attribution, etc.
Step 4: Filter or select date as per your need. Here, we are sorting out since the website was launched from Custom option.
2nd Last Step: After the data load finishes, tap on export. There you can export in different formats like PDF, Google Sheets, Excel XLSX or CSV.
Similarly, you can download all other section report.
Final Step: Go check out and explore your downloaded file and keep it safe for future use.

Also, we have covered the videos showing you all the step by step guide. Go check out.

This way, you can view or explore all you old Universal Analytics of any website. And, you can export those reports in any format you like. In the mentioned video, we have exported the report since beginning to a PDF format. You can export the Old Google Analytics Data in any other formats like CSV or excel.

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Solved Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422

Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422 Solved

You might face this issue Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422 while you try to install software on your PC or Laptop. You won’t be able to install third party software as well as you won’t be able to update your Windows OS too. Hence, its a must that you have to solve this issue as soon as you can. But don’t worry, we are here for you. You will learn all step by step here to solve this Windows Issue.

Steps to solve Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422 are as follows:

  • First Step: You need to tap on Windows icon and search for Windows Services “Services/App”. Open it normally or right click and Run As Administrator.
  • Second Step: Search for Windows Event Collector. Open it and set Startup Type Automatic and Tap on Start at Service Status. And Apply and OK Changes.
  • Step Three: Same steps again for Windows Event Log.
  • Step 4: Same steps again for Windows Update.

After you have followed all those steps, go to Windows Menu again and Search for Updates or Windows Update Settings. Tap on it and also tap on RETRY. Wait for a while. BOOM!! Windows Update is working Now.

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Download and install multiple downloads and you are good to go. You might get multiple downloads, its better to download and install them all. Please note that Plugin the power cord if you are doing it in Laptop. Because, if the power goes off, your Windows might get crashed. Also, you must need speed internet and patience to do it. SSD C:Drive is highly recommended. It is fast in the SSD or Solid State Drive.

For your convenience, we have made a tech tutorial on it too. Visit our Channel Evergreen Tech Tips or watch the tutorial video below:

Installation failed Destination folder already exists issue

100 Percent Fix Installation failed: Destination folder already exists issue

Are you facing a serious issue while you try to install plugins on your WordPress Website? Want to learn how you can 100% fix Installation failed: Destination folder already exists issue? Here’s how you can do it.

Follow these exact steps to solve the issue “Installation failed: Destination folder already exists”:

  1. First we refresh dashboard and try to install and activate that plugin again. For that go to Plugin’s and Add New.
  2. Search for that plugin for example here we are about to search for Yoast SEO plugin. After we find that plugin, tap on install. If you see that same issue again, you can follow the steps as of 3.
  3. Now you have to do this. Search for WP File Manager. Install and activate it.
  4. After successful activation, on left hand side, click on WP File Manager. Give it some time to load the files and folders.
  5. Then go inside WP content and then to plugins folder.
  6. Then select the folder with plugin name that having the main issue. Here the folder name of Yoast is WordPress SEO.
    Please note that before doing this we highly recommend to take your Website’s back up first. If any bad happens, we won’t be responsible for it.
  7. Select that folder and delete it.
  8. Now after successful deletion of that plugin’s folder. Try adding and installing that plugin again. Here we tried for the Yoast plugin. Finally, it worked perfectly and the plugin is installed correctly too.

Thanks for following our guide. If this tutorial was helpful, please share this post and subscribe to our channel and support us as well. Like and comment you issues and thoughts too. Thank you!

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Tutorial Video: