iPhone 12 Pro The Ultimate Camera and Photo Setting Tutorial

iPhone 12 Pro The Ultimate Camera and Photo Setting Tutorial

Needless to say, the iPhone 12 Pro takes one of the best pictures and videos from any smartphone today. It has a versatile camera hardware and amazing software that enables it to take stunning pictures. However if you want to take even better pictures, you have to learn about all of its camera quirks and features. So, we have created The Ultimate Camera and Photo Setting Tutorial for the iPhone 12 Pro to help do just that.

iPhone 12 Pro The Ultimate Camera and Photo Setting Tutorial Are:

  1. The Basics

Once in the camera app, you can find a host of different camera modes through swiping left and right on the Camera app. Starting with the right, there are three camera modes namely like Photo, Portrait and Panorama.

Here, the Photo and video modes are basic modes while the other are used for specific use cases. For instance, the Portrait mode is useful in capturing DSLR like blurred background from your iPhones. Likewise, the Panorama is useful to capture images with a wider field of view than normal. This especially makes it an ideal mode for capturing images of different landscapes around you.

  1. The Gestures:

Everyone knows that the tap on the shutter button takes a picture. However, you can also achieve the same result through the press of the Volume buttons. Next, you can also capture multiple pictures called “Burst mode” through swiping the shutter button on the left. Here, you can also see the amount of pictures that you’ve taken through the number shown. The Burst Mode is especially great for capturing the right moments during fast paced actions. Similarly, you can also set the burst mode to activate through the volume button on the Settings.

  1. The camera lenses:

In the camera app, you can see the number 1x as default when you start the camera. This means that your iPhone is using its main sensor. Next, taping on the same number will change the lens and the number will change into 0.5X. This means that your camera is now using its ultra wide lens for capture. Again, tap on the same number and it will change the number to 2X which shows that your device is using its zoom lens. You can easily cycle through all these lenses through tap-and-hold on the number to reveal a slider. Here, you can choose the optimum zoom level for your pictures or videos. Also, you can use the zoom through pinching In-and-Out with your two fingers.

The selfie camera is also accessible from the icon beside the shutter button. Similarly, all the features of the back cameras are also present for the selfie camera.


  1. The Night mode and Live Photos

The iPhone 12 has a neat Night mode feature to take stunning pictures even during low lights. You can enter night mode through its respective icon when swiping up in the camera app. Or you can tap on the arrow shown at the top of the screen to achieve similar results. Here, the iPhone takes pictures with a long exposure time for better results. We can also manually set the exposure time through the tap of the night mode icon. Also, it’s crucial that we keep the device steady for the best result possible.

Similarly, the icon next to Night mode if for the Live Photos. Live photos is a camera feature that captures a small clip of 1.5-sec each before and after a picture. Later the same clip is fused together to create a short video clip of 3 seconds. You can later view this clip through Tap-and-hold on the live photo.

  1. The Exposure control, Aspect ratio and Timer

Users can also change the aspect ratio of their camera from the icon next to the Live Photos. There are three modes namely 4:3, square and 16:9 that users can choose from. However, users can also change their aspect ratios after their image has been captured.

Similarly, the exposure control setting sits right next to the Aspect ratio icon. Here, it’s an important feature that controls the brightness or darkness of your images. You can also toggle exposure of your image through the Sun icon from your view finder.

The timer is an important setting that lets you delay the capture of your image. By default, you can find the 3sec and 10sec option in the camera. This simply means that the iPhone will take the image after 3 or 10 seconds of pressing the shutter button.

  1. Editing

You can also edit your image after you’ve taken them from the photos app. Similarly, you can open the editing menu easily from the “Edit” icon shown at the bottom of your screen. Now, you’re greeted with many different photo setting that you can mess with. Personally, I recommend that you stick with the Auto mode. Here, the iPhone will automatically adjust the image for you. if not, you can always mess around with other settings to get your desired results.

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