iPhone X Setup Guide

iPhone X Setup Guide | Do This as Soon as You Get an iPhone X

The iPhone X is the eleventh iteration of Apple’s iPhone line of devices which was released to the public back on 3rd November, 2017. Also, the iPhone X brought the biggest generational update over any iPhone model launched till date. Some people loved it while many utterly despised its design language. Today we will guide you to setup your iPhone X as soon as you get one.

Starting from the front, the iPhone X was the first iPhone to use an Edge-to-Edge OLED screen with a controversial notch at the top. Next, the trusty Touch ID was removed in the favor of the new Face ID as the default unlocking mechanisms. Also, iOS introduced new gesture navigations for the iPhone X to match its Bezel less design languages. All in all, the iPhone X was also the most expensive iPhone at $999 and the device that started the modern era for the iPhones.

As expected, the iPhone X did bring mixed public opinions about the device. The obnoxious notch was heavily criticized and people didn’t like the removal of the home button and Touch ID. Similarly, the gesture navigation was new and took some time getting used to. Nonetheless, the iPhone X was a great device with awesome cameras and powerful internal specifications which is still capable today. If you own the iPhone X or recently purchased one, we recommend doing the following this to get the most out of it.

iPhone X Setup Guide | Things to do as soon as you get an iPhone X

  1. Check for Software Updates

Regular software updates are the key to keeping our device relevant and secure for many years. Similarly, they bring new features and various bug fixes to your device increasing its usability. Fortunately, Apple has a great track record for providing timely software updates and the iPhone X will receive them for many years. So, its best if you check for software updates as soon as you get your hands on an iPhone X new or used.

  1. Enable Assistive Touch

Assistive Touch is a great feature to have if you’ve just switched from an older model of iPhone to the iPhone X. Basically, you can use the Assistive touch to do almost every action that you want on your iPhone. And, it’s a great method of navigating throughout the UI if you can’t use the gestural navigation properly. You can enable and customize Assistive Touch on your iPhone X through Settings> Accessibility> Touch> Assistive Touch easily.

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  1. Enable Face ID and Attention

Face ID is the facial recognition system from Apple that is available on the iPhone X. for the most part, it’s very secure and works as intended. However, you can further strengthen its security through your iPhone’s settings. Just head to Settings> Accessibility> Face ID and Attention and turn on both available options. So basically, the “Require Attention for Face ID” will require you to look directly at your device to unlock it. And, it’s a great measure to prevent unwanted people from unlocking your device without your knowledge.

  1. Turn on the Reachability option

Say your hands are small and you have a hard time navigating throughout the iPhone X’s UI. Now, there is a new feature called “Reachability” in your iPhone that will aid you to use your device easily. Just head to Settings> Accessibility> Enable Reachability to enable this feature. The next time, you swipe down on the navigation bar, the whole UI will lower to accommodate for to your hand’s reachability. Next, touch on the upper blank portion to revert to the normal usage mode.

  1. Use a Dark Wallpaper

As you all know, the iPhone X comes with an Edge-to-Edge beautiful OLED screen. Here, the OLED technology enables your iPhone to turn off individual unused pixels on your display. And, this means that your display can show realistic dark scenes on your device. Similarly, these turned off pixels can make the display use less battery power on your device. So, you should use a Dark Wallpaper on your iPhone X to save battery and they also look cool with their deep blacks.

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