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Apple Watch Complete Beginners Guide

Apple Watch Complete Beginners Guide

Apple Watch is currently one of the bestselling smart watches in the market designed and built by Apple. It was first launched in April 2015, and it comes with health-oriented capabilities, wireless telecommunications and many fitness tracking features. Similarly, the watch connects seamlessly with Apple’s iPhone devices and fits perfectly in the Apple ecosystems. However, there are many people who don’t know anything about the Apple watch and how to use them. As such, we have created a beginner’s guide to teach people on how to use Apple Watches perfectly.

Apple Watch Complete Beginners Guide:

  1. Design and Hardware Features

Before we learn about the software capabilities of the device itself, lets first familiarize with its hardware features. Apple Watches comes in various designs and materials but they all have similar hardware choices with few exceptions. On the front, we can see a small watch size display, A Digital crown and the Side button. Here, the crown is the rotating button of the watch and is used to access certain features of the watch like Siri, scroll & zoom, navigations etc. Similarly, the side button is a flat oval button besides the crown used to access features like the Dock, Apple pay, Power switch etc.

Underneath the Watch, we can find the band release button and the heart rate sensor positioned at middle. Also, charging the Watch is fairly easy and it comes with a charging “Puck” that magnetically attaches and charges the device.

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  1. Setting up the Device

To turn on the Apple Watch, users have to press and hold the Side Button until the Apple logo shows on its display. Next, the device will prompt you to choose the language of your choice and pair the watch to your existing device. For pairing, you must enable both your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your iPhone to continue. After that, open the “Watch App” on your iPhone and start paring both devices through the instructions given in the App. Finally, you will have to point your iPhone’s camera to the Apple watch while it displays an animation to complete the process. After that, you should have a notification stating that the watch has been paired.

  1. Basic Gestures

Gestures are the mediums through which you will navigate throughout the whole watch. Also, they are fairly easy to get used to and one can learn them in no time.

  • To get started, tap on your Digital Crown to open your App Library. This will show you all the current apps installed on your Watch. Additionally, you can add or remove apps through your iPhone as well.
  • Next, you just have to tap on your desired App icon to open that particular app. And within the app, you can use your fingers to scroll up and down.
  • To change the watch faces, you just have to swipe left or right in the watch faces. You can always add more through your iPhone. Also, you can press and hold to customize the current watch faces as well. Next, you can open the control center through swiping up from any of the watch faces. Notifications are accessed through a swipe down from the top of the screen.
  • To view and close any running apps, just press the side button to reveal the Dock. Here, you can clearly see the open and running apps on your Apple Watch. You can now tap to reopen them or swipe them left to discover “the Red X” button. Tapping that button will close the app immediately.
  1. Notifications

Similar to other devices, you Apple watch will also vibrate when you receive any new notifications. Also, the watch will display a Red Dot for any of your missed notifications. You simply have to swipe down on the screen to access the notifications panel and view your recent notifications. Now, you can either open them through a tap or clear them through a swipe left and a tap on the “Red X”.

  1. Accessing other Watch Features

As you read on the beginning, the Apple watch comes packed with many health oriented, wireless telecommunications, and fitness tracking features. Similarly, all of these features are easily accessible to the user through the apps on the Watch itself. For example: – To start a Workout, just tap on the “Workout App” and choose your desired workout plans to begin. Likewise, all other Watch features like Activity rings, Heartrate Monitors etc. can be accessed in the similar manner.