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Connect Your Phone in Opera Browser

How To Connect Your Phone in Opera Browser?

Want to sync your opera browser in between PC or laptop and smartphone? It makes life easier and you can enjoy Opera browser on both devices. Today we will guide you steps on how to connect your phone in opera browser. Stick to the end. Besides, we have created video tutorial on that too. It will make more easier and authentic.

Steps To Connect Your Phone in Opera Browser:

Follow these exact steps.

Steps 1: First there you have to install Opera Browser on both of your PC and Smartphones.
Get Opera for PC Here
Get Opera for iPhone
Get Opera for Android

Step 2: Install opera on both devices and open them.
Here we will be showing the steps on Windows PC and iPhone.

Step 3: Go to Settings in your opera browser in an iPhone. Also, go to settings of opera on your PC and search for My Flow. If it is disabled, make sure you turned on the enabled option there.
“My Flow is your personal space for links, also for videos, or images and notes. You can have those on your computer and smartphone at the same time.”

Step 4: On PC Opera Browser, click on “connect your phone“. Similarly, on phone’s Opera Browser, tap on “Connect a Computer“.

Step 5: QR code will be shown on your desktop PC. Scan that QR from your phone’s browser that will activate your camera. Wait for while and your in both devices will be successful.

Hence, this way you will be able to connect your phone in Opera Browser. If this tech blog was helpful, you may share and show some love to us. Also for latest tech tutorial videos, you may subscribe to our channel.

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Video Tutorial:

How To See Photos Liked by Someone On Facebook

How To See Photos Liked by Someone On Facebook

There are many Facebook Tips and Guides that you can learn. However, today in this article we’ll learn about the ways that we can see Photos liked by someone on Facebook in this article.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the World that was founded in 2004 and is currently owned by Meta Platforms. Similarly, it’s also very popular and has an estimated 2.8 billion monthly active users in the platform. And, the reason is pretty simple as it’s easily accessible from any device that has an internet connectivity.

To get started in Facebook, individuals need to exceed 13 years of age and have a device capable of internet connectivity. Next, they can open the official Facebook website and proceed to create a new account for themselves. And, you’ll need to provide your basic information’s like name, age, contact information’s etc. to successfully register your account.

Once done, users have the ability to post photos/videos, texts, multimedia’s etc. that is shared with other users. Here, “Other Users” simply means other Facebook users that have agreed to be your friend on Facebook. Also, your posts are available to other people according to your privacy setting who aren’t currently on your friends list. Similarly, Facebook friends can directly chat together through the Facebook messenger, join groups, receive notifications, follow pages etc.

Now that we’ve started with Facebook, let’s learn about some of the Facebook tips and Guides to familiarize ourselves.

How To See Photos Liked by Someone On Facebook? Let’s learn the steps below:

Unfortunately, Facebook has removed the option that lets users see what other users have liked on Facebook. But, you can still view some of their liked photos and videos from their profile. Mostly it includes pages and posts in general. However, your Facebook friend must have unlocked their account for this method to work. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

  • Open the Facebook App on your mobile device or go to the Facebook website from your browser in your PC. Next, log into your own account and search for your friend’s profile.
  • After that, open their Facebook profile and you should see their recent posts and activities. Here, we need to click on “See (name’s) about info” from the mobile App or “More” from the desktop browser.
  • Next, scroll down and tap the “See All” or “Right Arrow” option once shown on the mobile app. For desktop users, click on the “Likes” from the drop down menu from the “More” options. This should successfully display all their liked pages, TV shows, Posts, Books etc. for you to see.
  • Finally tap “All Likes” on mobile app and you can view all their liked TV shows, Posts, Books, restaurants etc. This way, you can learn more about them and converse with them easily.

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Video Tutorial To See Photos Likes By Someone on Facebook:

Fix Windows Was Unable To Connect To The Selected Network

Fix Windows Was Unable To Connect To The Selected Network

Let’s Fix Windows Was Unable To Connect To The Selected Network Together. We will go through step by step guide or follow the video tutorial given below.

Windows as we all know is one of the best desktop operating system to use in our computers. It’s regularly updated and has many features that make performing our day to day task easier. Similarly, it also supports a wide range of hardware’s and you can run in almost anything. And, it alone occupies around 31% of the Global Operating Market Share.

However, Windows is not perfect and there are many bugs and errors that can arise on a Windows Device. And the “Windows was Unable to Connect to the Selected Network” is one of the most common one. Likewise, there are many reasons that contribute to the said error. Some of the most common causes include: Outdated Drivers, Buggy Updates, Malware infected Files, Physical damages etc.

If you’re encountering the same issue on your device, then worry not. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best solutions that you can use for the error. Also, it’s possible that a solution that worked for others might not work out for you. So, it’s advised that you go through the whole article and find the best solution for you. Now, let’s get started.

Steps To Fix Windows Was Unable To Connect To The Selected Network:

  1. Forget the Network and Reconnect

Sometimes the changes made in our network can make windows unable to connect to the internet. Similarly, these changes can be done ourselves or from our Network providers. Either way, this can bring forth the above error. In this case, you can simply forget your current network and reconnect it to see if it fixes the error. Simply head into Settings>Network & Internet>Wi-Fi>Manage Known Networks> (choose your network and click on Forget). After that, simply try reconnecting to the network and see if the issue still exists.

  1. Update/Uninstall Network Driver

Some users have also found that the issue arises from an incompatible or faulty network drivers. Here, the fix is simple and you only have to uninstall/update your current network drivers. The process if fairly simple and anyone can do it easily through the steps shown below.

  • Press “Windows + X” on your keyboard and open the Device Manager from the listed options.
  • Now, click on Network Devices on the Device Manager. After that, right click on the Wireless driver and “Update or Uninstall” device. It’s advised to first try updating your device before you Uninstall it.
  • Finally, just re-install your network drivers and see if that fixes the issue.

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  1. Reset Your Network

Windows has a handy Network Reset feature that will reset your network preferences to its defaults. This can sometime solve your network error as it fixes the incorrect network parameters set on your device. Simply head into Settings>Network & Internet>Status>Network Reset to reset your network to factory settings. Now, see if that fixes your connection error problem.

  1. Run Troubleshooter

Some of you already know or have used Windows Troubleshooter for all of your problems in Windows. And, you can also solve your connection problem of your device straight from the Troubleshooter. For the most part, it automatically detects and solve all issues on our devices. Now, you just need to head into Settings>Network & Internet>Status>Network Troubleshooter to access it. Finally, open it and wait for the process to complete. This should successfully fix the network issue on your device.

Video Tutorial (Step By Step Guide To Solve This Issue):

Solved Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422

Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422 Solved

You might face this issue Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422 while you try to install software on your PC or Laptop. You won’t be able to install third party software as well as you won’t be able to update your Windows OS too. Hence, its a must that you have to solve this issue as soon as you can. But don’t worry, we are here for you. You will learn all step by step here to solve this Windows Issue.

Steps to solve Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422 are as follows:

  • First Step: You need to tap on Windows icon and search for Windows Services “Services/App”. Open it normally or right click and Run As Administrator.
  • Second Step: Search for Windows Event Collector. Open it and set Startup Type Automatic and Tap on Start at Service Status. And Apply and OK Changes.
  • Step Three: Same steps again for Windows Event Log.
  • Step 4: Same steps again for Windows Update.

After you have followed all those steps, go to Windows Menu again and Search for Updates or Windows Update Settings. Tap on it and also tap on RETRY. Wait for a while. BOOM!! Windows Update is working Now.

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Download and install multiple downloads and you are good to go. You might get multiple downloads, its better to download and install them all. Please note that Plugin the power cord if you are doing it in Laptop. Because, if the power goes off, your Windows might get crashed. Also, you must need speed internet and patience to do it. SSD C:Drive is highly recommended. It is fast in the SSD or Solid State Drive.

For your convenience, we have made a tech tutorial on it too. Visit our Channel Evergreen Tech Tips or watch the tutorial video below: