Solved Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422

Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422 Solved

You might face this issue Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422 while you try to install software on your PC or Laptop. You won’t be able to install third party software as well as you won’t be able to update your Windows OS too. Hence, its a must that you have to solve this issue as soon as you can. But don’t worry, we are here for you. You will learn all step by step here to solve this Windows Issue.

Steps to solve Windows Update Error encountered 0x80070422 are as follows:

  • First Step: You need to tap on Windows icon and search for Windows Services “Services/App”. Open it normally or right click and Run As Administrator.
  • Second Step: Search for Windows Event Collector. Open it and set Startup Type Automatic and Tap on Start at Service Status. And Apply and OK Changes.
  • Step Three: Same steps again for Windows Event Log.
  • Step 4: Same steps again for Windows Update.

After you have followed all those steps, go to Windows Menu again and Search for Updates or Windows Update Settings. Tap on it and also tap on RETRY. Wait for a while. BOOM!! Windows Update is working Now.

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Download and install multiple downloads and you are good to go. You might get multiple downloads, its better to download and install them all. Please note that Plugin the power cord if you are doing it in Laptop. Because, if the power goes off, your Windows might get crashed. Also, you must need speed internet and patience to do it. SSD C:Drive is highly recommended. It is fast in the SSD or Solid State Drive.

For your convenience, we have made a tech tutorial on it too. Visit our Channel Evergreen Tech Tips or watch the tutorial video below:

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